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About Co-creation

With over 15 years’ experience, our marketing experts and creative specialists help some of the biggest B2B organisations in the UK to grow.

Co-creation: creating something together

Great marketing requires a lot of different skills. Few agencies can afford a specialist in every area, and the most senior people tend to spend their time managing others rather than producing work for clients.

We’re quietly reinventing the traditional agency model. Our agile, modern approach means we can pick and choose from an ever-expanding pool of marketing and creative specialists while keeping your costs comparatively low. It gives you access to the right skills and means you always have the best, most senior people working on your projects.

In the five years we’ve been trading we’ve delivered over 250 projects for large and high-growth businesses, many of whom have become long-term, high-value clients. We’ve grown our revenue and profits each year and built a successful business using an entirely new approach and model.

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Our difference

Our clients choose us, value us and stay with us because we offer:

The best methodology and results
Our approach is meticulous, methodical and centred around the customer. We insist on getting the right foundations in place for any project, which means pinpointing your ideal target customers and building a deep understanding of their business, market, goals and challenges.

The best project management
Every project is led by a strategic marketing expert to ensure we deliver the best solution, as effectively and efficiently as possible. Throughout, we consult with you and your team to get your feedback and keep you informed of our progress.

The best people and skills
Our team is solely made up of experienced, senior-level people, chosen specifically for the skills they bring to your project. This way, we offer the experience and scale of a leading traditional agency, delivered at a lower cost.

The best work-life balance
Our flexible approach benefits everyone. It means the people in our team stay independent, work remotely and each find the balance they want. Without the typical pressures of agency life, we can focus on what we do best and stay passionate about our work.

The best relationships
Relationships are a big part of what we do. Our relationships with clients are always open and honest, fair and friendly. We see ourselves as a part of your team and our projects feel more like friendly collaborations than business transactions.

Our values

Not many consultancies would be bold enough to state perfection as one of their values. But we’ve always been driven by the desire to do things the right way and achieve the best results. Expect high performance standards, flawless attention to detail and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Professionalism is a given – we’re here to solve problems and achieve results, and best-practice processes and methodologies mean we do just that. Integrity matters too. We’re always fair and honest with you and with each other, which means everyone knows where they stand, expectations are always met and there’s no worry or uncertainty.

Similarly, we value authenticity. It’s something that can get a little lost in the world of B2B, but we never forget that we’re dealing with real people. Nothing we do is for show and, as self-confessed people pleasers, we genuinely care about our clients, our people and our organisation. We want to create brilliant work together, because making you happy makes us happy.

Our story

“I started Co-creation Marketing in 2014. At that point, I’d spent 10 years working my way up the agency ladder, starting out at a small integrated B2B agency in Nottingham and, several promotions and company acquisitions later, ending up as the Business Director for digital and B2B marketing at a leading London-based marketing and ad agency.

I’d achieved a lot at a young age, but when my brother died suddenly at just 32 it made me reflect on my personal life and future. I had a baby, who arrived right on his due date at the perfect weight. As a project manager at heart, this detail made me very happy!

I took three months off and decided going back to the agency didn’t feel right – I’d reached a plateau and wanted to grow. I asked my trusted network what they thought I should do, and they all told me to start my own marketing consultancy. I spent another three months planning and hit on the name Co-creation on one of my many pushchair walks around the park.

My aim was always to listen to what my clients wanted and find a way to provide a better solution and service. I found that, in many agencies, the most senior people were often tied up in management duties, with juniors delivering the bulk of the client work. That was something I wanted to change, so I’m really proud of how our new model has worked so far.”

Emmeline Woodward, Founder and B2B Marketing Consultant

Emma Brightwell - ITHealth

Thank you so much for your very considered and insightful feedback. It is much appreciated and we highly value your opinion.

Emma Brightwell, Marketing Manager

Co-creation always have excellent insight and creative ideas and are brilliant at understanding what clients really need.

Carrie Hobart, Lead Content Manager
David Coe

Everything Co-creation does is from their heart’s desire to help you, whether you’re a client, colleague or friend.

David Coe, CEO
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