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Strategic B2B marketing

Understand your most valuable customers and take them on a smarter, more effective buying journey

With over 15 years’ experience, our marketing experts and creative specialists help some of the biggest B2B organisations in the UK to grow.

Co-creation Marketing is a leading strategic B2B marketing consultancy based in Nottingham

We specialise in working with large and high-growth B2B brands in complex markets. We work out which customers to target, how to articulate your offer or point of difference clearly, and how to optimise the buying journey for best results.

We create effective, highly targeted marketing strategies and outputs that make the most of your budget and maximise ROI.

Where other consultancies skim the surface, we’re meticulous in our approach to understanding your market, customers and business. That means doing away with any assumptions and bias, immersing ourselves in your customers’ world, and – crucially – listening to the honest input of your target customers.

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Co-creation think and plan from a strategic perspective and produce scalable solutions.

Stephanie Marris, Marketing Manager
Emma Brightwell - ITHealth

Thank you so much for your very considered and insightful feedback. It is much appreciated and we highly value your opinion.

Emma Brightwell, Marketing Manager
David Coe

Everything Co-creation does is from their heart’s desire to help you, whether you’re a client, colleague or friend.

David Coe, CEO

Co-creation always have excellent insight and creative ideas and are brilliant at understanding what clients really need.

Carrie Hobart, Lead Content Manager
Woodland Trust

Co-creation: creating something together

Great marketing requires a lot of different skills. Few agencies can afford a specialist in every area, and the most senior people tend to spend their time managing others rather than producing work for clients.

We’re quietly reinventing the traditional agency model. Our agile, modern approach means we can pick and choose from an ever-expanding pool of marketing and creative specialists while keeping your costs comparatively low. It gives you access to the right skills and means you always have the best, most senior people working on your projects.

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Our clients and projects

Some of the biggest B2B organisations in the UK trust us to help them get even bigger.

ITHealth: Customer-centric brand proposition

Proposition development

Having refocused their business, ITHealth needed to clarify their offering, emphasise their value and differentiate from the competition For 25 years, ITHealth had been providing NHS organisations with IT security…

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